Frequently Asked Questions

Due to unexpected circumstances, sometimes our ID making process gets disturbed. However, we keep our customers updated about the progress as much as possible.
No, you cannot get a reprint of any incorrect information on your ID. We have a complete automated solution while making your ID. This means that any mistake that you see on your ID is due to the incorrect filling of the order form. Before submitting your order form, you must double-check it for any mistake.
The main reason for your order going back from “paid” to “unpaid” is that your money has not been picked up by our system. You should submit a new ticket so that we proceed with your order. Your ID will not be shipped unless you pay the full amount. There is no compromise on this issue.
We always use secure and reliable shipping platforms to deliver your fake IDs. We have numerous different methods for IDs shipping, such as USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL, and many more.
It depends on the number of IDs. If you have a large number of IDs, you will get a high discount. For a few IDs, the discount rate is low.
Always take a high-quality picture in a bright room. Stand against a wall having a solid color. Make sure your appearance looks great. Wear clothes that contrast well and your hairs should not look messy.
It will take approximately two weeks for you to get the ID(s). Rush jobs are available at USD $50.00 extra PER ID. For example, it will be USD $120 for one ID if you opt for it. You will get the ID in about one week if you pay for this. Please check the Rush box if you want to opt for this.
If you have submitted a wrong signature for your ID, we will default to our own signature for you. Besides, if your signature has a bad quality, we will provide our own as well.
If you want to change your shipping address, make sure your order has not been shipped. We cannot change your shipping address once your ID is shipped. But for unshipped IDs, we will do this as soon as possible. Just provide your order number and new shipping information and you are done.
All of our IDs is including with shipping fee. Only if you ship to others country that is not United states, it will be extra fee based on country.
Need Assistance ? Email Us - [email protected]