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Secure Shipping

With our secure shipping procedure, we ensure that your package looks similar to a standard piece of mail to prevent it from interception.

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We have introduced the latest security features in all of our IDs. Fake IDs will also pass advanced scanning procedures and UV/Blacklight test.

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You will get your ID with our extra fast turnaround. Once you pay your order, our average turnaround time is the 1-1.5 week.

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Our process of making top-class fake IDs and their secure delivery is highly reliable. So, no need to worry about wasting your money to a fake ID website.

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Our customers are our strength. We are always committed to providing outstanding customer service at all times.

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We use a far superior printing process than our competitors do and the net result is a far higher grade of identification card. Because all our machines print at such high resolutions our card designers were able to produce cards that utilise micro-text technology that causes small text to appear sharp and crisp. We now also offer cards with UV Light designs.

We represent a greater client commitment to successful solutions delivery. Our website is the only place where you can find premium quality, secure and reliable fake IDs under one roof. Our structure is unique with the belief that innovative designs can’t be created without passion, intelligence & personal commitment.

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